J. B. Leslie Award

This award is intended to honor individuals from two separate categories of involvement in mosquito control.

The first category would be for an individual from within the ranks of mosquito control professionals who, in the opinion of the Associated Executives, contributed a “meritorious service’’ to mosquito control work. Eligible, would be employees of county mosquito control agencies and commissions, the staff of the Center for Vector Biology at Rutgers University, the staff of the NJDEP Office of Mosquito Control Coordination and state or county mosquito commissioners.

Examples of ” meritorious service” could range from an outstanding research project, administrative excellence, a valuable contribution to the Associated Executives, to the development of innovative practical systems by any class of field worker.

The second category for an award would be to an individual or an organization who, in the opinion of the Associated Executives, contributed an “outstanding service” to mosquito control work in New Jersey. This award would be limited to persons outside of the professional ranks of the mosquito control fraternity. Examples are broad in scope, but could be someone in state or local government, a civic and/or service group, the news media, etc.

For additional information regarding the awards, please contact Bill Reinert


 Category 1

Meritorious service from within the professional ranks of the mosquito control community
Category 2

Outstanding service from outside the professional ranks of the mosquito control community
1974Boyd M. Lafferty
1975Daniel Manley JobbinsPaul R. Regan
1976Robert L. Armstrong & Dr. Frank J. Murphy
1977H. Cory Walling & Jack Young
1978Herman "Buddy" EhrenbergGeorge Kerby
1979Bunnie HajekRichard Nixholm
1980Harold Struckman
1981Edward Smith & Aaron H. Rappaport
1982Dr. Lyle E. Hagman
1983Charles Mark
1984Judy A. Hansen
1988Thomas SellersWilliam Zawicki
1989George O'Carroll
1990Fred Ferrigno
1993Dr. Richard G. Weber
1994Raymond Ferrarin
1995Dr. Donald J. Sutherland
1997Claudia M. O'Malley
1998Dr. Lisa M. Reed
1999Dr. Kenneth Bruder & Linda McCuiston
2000David S. Adam, Dr. Wayne J. Crans, & Leonardo Soccio
2001Martin Chomsky, M.P.H.
2002Dr. Eddy Bresnitz
2004Dr. George Hamilton
2005Daniel Rice & Victoria Thompson
2006Hadley C. Foster & John Kranz
2007Dr. Mark Robson
2010William Reinert
2011Scott C. Crans
2012Henry Rupp
2017George Kramer Jr. & George Kramer Sr.