Dr. Thomas J. Headlee succeeded John B. Smith as Entomologist at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station in 1912. Under his supervision, mosquito control in New Jersey advanced steadily and substantially in matters of legislation, organization, engineering and accumulation of scientific data.

Dr. Headlee was instrumental in forming two separate mosquito control organizations that still exist. In 1913, he formed the New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Association (now known as the New Jersey Mosquito Control Association) to allow mosquito commissioners, mosquito commission staff and interested citizens to be kept informed of progress in the field of mosquito control. The Association has met annually since its inception and has kept a printed record of the proceedings of each of the yearly meetings.

In 1921, Dr. Headlee formed the Associated Executives of Mosquito Control in New Jersey. This organization was established to give the technical workers in mosquito control opportunity for more frequent conferences. The monthly forum of this group encouraged the county executives of the state to exchange information among one another on a regular basis. The organization also allowed Experiment Station personnel to meet directly with the individuals that were engaged in practical mosquito work. The Office of Mosquito Control Coordination has been added as a valuable advisor in recent years but the goals of the Associated Executives have changed little since 1921. The group still meets monthly and exchanges information on the status of mosquito control operations in the state with the goal of continually improving the level of professionalism in mosquito control operations as its key objective.