Standing Committees

Nominating Committee – Consider individuals for officers prior to the end of the calendar year and present a slate of officers for election at January annual meeting.

  • Vicki Thompson, (Chair) Immediate Past President
  • Scott Crans
  • Heather Lomberk, Second Past President

Program Committee – Solicit/make/coordinate arrangements for monthly meetings including location, afternoon program, and refreshments. Also make information available to Secretary to be sent with meeting notice: the meeting location with directions if necessary and program details/literature.

  • Mike Senyk, (Chair) Vice President


Ad Hoc Committees

Awards/Recognition – Solicit nominations/suggestions for the Jessie B. Leslie award annually and select individual(s) to receive the award prior to the December Meeting. Provide for appropriate recognition for other individuals within the membership as deemed necessary. Maintain a list of past recipients of AEMC awards and the criteria/reasons/basis for the award to be made available upon request to individuals wishing to submit nominations. Make recommendations to update the association plaque recognizing past Jessie B. Leslie award recipients as necessary.

  • Bill Reinert (Chair)
  • Eric Williges
  • Scott Crans

Membership – Consider membership of potential members consistent with the By-Laws and make recommendations regarding such to general membership. Maintain a permanent membership list and in cooperation with the current Treasurer, keep track of members currently in good standing.

  • Tadhgh Rainey (Chair)
  • Peter Bosak (Treasurer)
  • Mike Romanowski

Pesticide/Legislative – Keep abreast of and make membership aware of pesticides and issues that impact their use in addition to recommending appropriate action when necessary.

  • Jennifer Gruener (Chair)
  • Victoria Thompson
  • Bill Reinert

Internet – Develop and maintain the Associated Executives website. This is a joint committee which also serves as the NJMCA Internet Committee.

  • Gregory Williams (Chair)
  • Lisa Reed
  • Heather Lomberk
  • Eric Williges


State Mosquito Control Commission Liaison – Provide ongoing and routine communication with State Mosquito Control Commission regarding matters of concern to the Associated Executives membership and/or of the State Mosquito Control Commission, through a timely exchange of minutes and by attending the meetings of both organizations reporting on timely issues.

  • Teresa Duckworth, Secretary
  • Greg Williams (alternate)

AMCA Liaison – To provide information to the New Jersey community regarding the activities of the American Mosquito Control Association and provide communication with the AMCA regarding matters of concern to the Associated Executives membership.

  • Bill Reinert